Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Ten Reasons

Well it's been two months now that I'm at the Hoot! and I honest to God love it. It's the best job I've ever have and I will gladly defend my title of a Hooters girl.
Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Hooters Girls
10) Getting surprised daily- at the people who tipped well when you thought they weren't and vice versa...
9) The guys in the back, they're pretty cool...they don't really "know me" "know me" so it will be funny when they do
8) The amusing conversations I get to have with regulars, it's like seeing a good friend and its been that way instantly
7) The regulars who are so generous! With the holidays passing, I worked Christmas Eve and Day and I received a $20 giftcard to VS & $15 for free!
6) Playing dress up (: every day going to work is a primp and pamper sesh, so much fun (:
5) The managers! They're seriously the best (most of the time) no ones a super douche and no one brings they're problems into work
4) Getting 5 boneless wings for $3 nomnomnom CAJUN!
3) Taking care of the little kids, seeing the little boys eyes light up when the girls walk by and giving the little ones balloons and watching them stare at it as it flies to the air
2) The girls! I have a few favorites, of course they're older...alll my friends are but they make working fun.
1) The endless opportunities that await!

I swear I'll try to update more, I just am never sitting down at a computer anymore. There's too many stories that need to be shared!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being Nice gets you a LONG Day

Yesterday was our second Holiday Dress Up Day. I opted for this gray and red skirt I own that has snowflakes or something winter-y on them and a red tank top. Mind you, my last two Dress Up day outfits have been lingerie and bra and underwear. Needless to say, my manager who cares the most about that shit, was a little disappointed.

However, I picked up a girl's shift because she needed to go to the lady doctor. It entailed me to be there from 10:45-8. Awesome, a little bit more hours, more money. It'll be good.
BUT, the new manager was on tonight. He literally wants to do everything by the book and its annoying because this is our Hooters and our lovely managers let unimportant things fall through the cracks. Example: He enlisted a new rule if you go back to text, you need to bring dishes.. Just little shit that makes sense, but it's like....come on Ross.
Around six o clock I had a large table of about ten come in. Honestly, they were perfect. They all paid together and their orders were fairly easy. They also didn't come in at the same time so getting their drinks was easy. While I had this big table, I told these two girls they could pick up some of my tables if they wanted. I also wanted to be able to head out as soon as these people were done. That does not happen however. I cleaned that section perfectly, started clearing out bus tubs and silverware bins. I even took another table to pass the time, but I still wasn't cut. I look at the clock at 8 and go know what time it is. "Let's just see how it keeps going. You can start to clean a little bit but we'll see" ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? IT'S EIGHT-FIFTEEN. I have been here for 8.5 hours now and I'm not even cut. I started to clean EVERYTHING I saw, made sure my sections were perfect, and made sure the couple I had were okay. They gave me a good tip and they were actually from the same part of town I'm from so I talked to them as they were at the end of their meal. Okay it was 8:50 and I finally got cut....I started breaking down the wait station only to do at least 70% of the work HB didn't do shit. I just got everything to the back, swept, and brought most of the shit. I also rolled silverware so fast anyone would've been amazed...I wiped it down so you don't have shitty spots on it too. I hate it when girls don't do that...would you want a knife with spots on it, even if they're water stains? No..... all in all, I escaped before HB which made me glad. But I only ended my day with $107, granted I'm happy since it was slow and it was the first time I passed the $100 mark but it was a long ass day....
I'm working Boxing Night this Saturday Paccio vs M...... lol & on Sunday.

OHYEAH! My birthday is on Friday (: I'm only turning 19..but whatever, sounds better than 18.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Tip I've Ever Gotten....and the Worst

Friday nights have become notoriously slow at my store. Slow as in by 10:45pm the entire store was almost empty, than of course some 11pm strags came along..
However, I was cut! So this story has nothing to do with inconvenient people.

Last night was Trivia Night also. I had a man come in, around 40, maybe a little younger, probably not older. He immediately started conversation so I knew he was here for what Hooters is here for- Hooters Girls. He didn't eat much only celery but kicked back a few Captain Morgans and Gingerales. I literally sat with him most of the time he was there, talking about random shit, just trying to make good conversation. I HATE being so's either you get a stare when you tell people or they feel the need to lay you down with life lessons. He, however, did neither and we talked just like normal about going out, my tattoos, Thanksgiving. He didn't do so good on trivia and I honestly didn't know any of the answers either. "Who is the crazy lawyer from the Simpsons?" Seriously!?!??!?! Who the hell would know that?? Two weeks ago, they asked "What is Marge Simpson's maiden name?" mate.
Anywho, my table was awesome, I learned at the end of the night that his name was Anthony, by being a stalker and looking at his card since I realized I didn't ask the whole night. He said he had to leave and that he was sorry but I assured him it was fine and brought him his check right away. He shook my hand and said "nice to meet you" than left. I was in the middle of bussing two tables so I quickly grabbed the check and shoved it in my pouch. Later on, I look to find a $20 tip..and the bill was $20.

That, my friends, was my first 100% tip ((:

However, my last table of the night. A family of three, a little foreign..the parent's at least. I didn't do anything special for them besides follow the 12 steps. Didn't add any flare or anything, just made sure they had everything they needed as soon as they needed it.

I'll actually take this time out to say, Hooters Girls work HARD. At least in my store, we do. I'm constantly making sure everyone has enough Sweet Tea and that their beers are on their way. Pre-bussing your tables so that they look nice for you and you don't have to see that pile of chicken bones left over from the meat you just devoured (and it's easier for me in the end.) I'm making sure that I'm offering you everything you could possibly want, the first time around, so you don't have to ask for it once I bring your food. I ask you how your meal is, after every plate is brought out. I make sure everything is the way you want it, no questions asked.

At the same time, I'm running around the kitchen seeing if there are cups or plates that need to be brought out. I'm running the bus tubs back to the kitchen, putting them in their dish rack because the Staff Guy is nowhere to be found. I'm running the dirty silverware back, I'm getting more lemons, I'm getting more ice. As a Hooters Girl, I am literally doing EVERYTHING. I am also, more often than not, STARVING and exhausted, so feel free to invite me to sit and eat some Boneless wings with you (:

Back to my shitty table,
Their bill was around $25 to $30...they left me $3.95...........
no, I was not worth the nickel more to make $4 even
so fuck you and your tip calculator

xxoo HootersBabe

Friday, November 23, 2012

Guns, Grenades, and Fights

Sooo it's been two weeks since I've started, I'll remember some interesting highlights and fill you guys in.

My first day was the Tuesday after Veteran's Day so that meant DRESS UPPP! I have this really cute camo lingerie outfit so I was pretttty pumped when I found out I was going to be working that day. It was a relaxed afternoon, there wasn't a huge lunch rush or anything but I ended up making a good amount of money, about $70, not too bad for my first day.

I did, however, encounter my first asshole. I had a table of an elderly couple, about fifties maybe. They seemed to be fine, I wasn't really sitting down and chatting with them as they didn't seem to be that type. However, our bartender, HP, had a fake gun and grenade that she and HJS had been playing with all day. The grenade even squirted water and everything. Now the gun was a little black plastic gun, with no orange tip, this never even phased me. As a girl, I don't know too much about gun safety. My last job was at a laser tag facility that had "real weapon guns" so I know what a MAC 10 and M16 looks like... just not the rules. HP was running around with the little gun, crouching behind tables and stools, just having fun. The guy I was sitting with even put up his hands in "fright". I saw that HB had passed by that table and he was saying something about seeing or talking to a manager. I decided to go check on him and see what was wrong.

"She's running around with a gun like that?!"
*laughter* "yeah, she's playing Green Beret!"
"Oh, so you think it's funny too? Because it's not, she has no idea what in the hell could happen to her if someone walked in with a gun. I'm a law enforcement officer and this is not funny at all."
"Oh my gosh, sir, I'm sorry. I did not realize how dangerous it could be. Here's your check."
He practically throws his card at me after his wife looks at the check.
"Get me a box!"
"I will, right away."

I was literally flabbergasted. I had no idea that someone would become such an asshole. Do you think that Hooters Girls know the plastic gun proper handling? No, I had no idea that stupid little orange piece was even important.

I proceeded to get him his box and the check and I handed over the bill to the wife since she was the one who was reading the check last. He pretty much snatched it from my hands and told me, "I won't be coming back." ....good riddance, I'd much rather have someone happy and nice than someone who is an asshole and didn't even try to explain anything first. My manager eventually went to talk to him as he was walking out and HD goes, "Was there a problem, sir?" All I could hear was, "You're gonna ask me if there was a problem?!" and than they stepped outside.
Needless to say, all of us looked like deer in headlights. And HP got her gun taken away :(

My second night on the floor was Fight Night. A lot of girls were surprised that they put me on this early and I really didn't take into consideration that Fight Nights got packed. And it did, but sadly enough I had a group of teenagers that ate and sat around the whole time watching the fight. I also had a group of four drinking the night away. He's apparently a regular and comes in all the time so I made sure to keep an eye out on their drinks and get them refills ASAP. They were talking and laughing all throughout the night so it didn't really seem like a table that wanted too much interaction. I tried to be as friendly as possible and joke whenever I could but I didn't pull up a chair and weasel into their conversation. However, when the end of the night came and it was midnight, we wanted everyone to cash out so they just couldn't dine and dash when the fight was over. He seemed offended and I didn't really know how to console him. Mind you too, their tab got to $150 on alcohol and onion tanglers. The first two left somewhat early and their tab ended up being only $50 $60 and they left me a nice $15 tip that I greatly appreciated. However, birthday boy and his friend were left with $100 because of his 8+ Jack and water aka his watered down whiskey, she also got a few margaritas and drinks too. They ended up leaving me only a $10 tip..which is 10%. Honestly, it didn't bother me because of the $15 I got from their friends but it still sucks. I walked to the bar probably about 30 times for you guys, checked on you numerous times, and my manager tells me one thing after he got done talking to him. "You should have just done the extra gestures with him like touching him when you walked away." ..........seriously, because I didn't touch you at all. I sang you a freaking happy birthday song, why do you need a hand on your shoulder as I say, "I'll be right back with that". You were having fun with your friends anyways!?!?!

All in all, it's going good so far. I had to work Thanksgiving but I got out before 10 which was awesome! I also made $30 with 3 tables so that made me happy.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!
xxoo HootersBabe

Thursday, November 15, 2012


On the third day of training, you are supposed to really just do everything yourself and you're also supposed to have a Mock Shop for your manager. This is basically just faking the whole 12 steps to a manager. However, I did neither of these on my third day.

My trainer's name will be HA and shes been at my store for four years and she was last year's calendar girl. I don't know if she just forgot that I was supposed to do everything or she just couldnt help it, but she mainly did all the work. I was actually pretty relaxed at this and it didn't bother me too much, I figured I would just learn more. It was an alright shift, about 5 hours, although I was still not making any tips:( All in all, it was a chill day, nothing special.. but I passed my menu test with a 90.48%! You have to get a 90 lol.

Saturday was my Image/Upsell class. This is basically a six-ish hour long class taught by two Trainers from different stores around the area. They gave out little goody bags filled with makeup and tampons or mirrors and brushes so this made me a little bit happier to be there.  It was basically just a bunch of tips on how to look our best and make the most money we can. At Hooters, you can upsell at any time. "I want curly fries" "Would you like to add cheese dip?" "I want a Grilled Chicken sandwich" "Cheese, Chili, Onions, Mushroom, or Bacon on that?" YOU CAN  ALWAYS upsell. And you must ALWAYS look your best. The biggest thing I took away from the whole image part is how to correctly line up your pantyhose, shirt, and shorts together to decrease your muffin top and get rid of all the panty lines.

Oh yeah, by the way...when I got hired, I was told my store hires the hottest girls. They were right! Some of the girls at the image class did not scream Hooters when I looked at them. Either barely any make-up on (and I know there's girls that don't need make-up, HB is one of them. She looks flawless in nothing but mascara) or they just were hanging out all over the place where they shouldn't be. Basically, you can either wear your shorts the normal way so no buttocks is shown....or you can be like some of the girls at my store and the image class and pull them up so your ass cheeks are hanging out. Now I realize, I'm working with 3+ girls at any given moment, but I don't give a shit if your ass cheeks are out. If that gets you that $150 in the afternoon shift, GO FOR IT! What I hate, are the bitches who just constantly nag and complain about it. I don't know, I've never been a typical girl and I hate hearing typical girls bitch.

Moving forward in time....sorry all of these are so long!
On Monday, I showed up to do what is called the "Mock Shop". Basically it's where you fake being a manager's Hooters girl and they grade you. When I showed up, HB was already there because she was working on her third day of training. I had to wait for her to do hers first with our new manager, I'll just call him Sarge, he was in the military so that's all I can think of haha. So I personally was scared I would have to do my Mock Shop with one of the toughest managers, Porky. I know that he quizzes a lot on whats on the menu and I've been studying the menu but not as much as I studied the alcohol test. However, I got Sarge to do my mock shop and he didn't even order any food forreal, so it was soooo easy, I couldn't believe how lucky I was.
Sarge said I did a really good job, my only improvements need to be better conversation starters and I can't even remember the second one. It's just a really good feeling knowing that your managers are proud of you and happy they chose you.

I was only expecting to do my mock shop and leave but I actually got to be out on the floor! I only got two tables but I ended up making $14 which was perfectly fine with me considering I'm flat broke. One of my tables was an older couple who were easy to take care of but the second table was my favorite. It was a grandpa and his grandson, Jessie. Now Jessie loved me...and I loved Jessie. He told me about how he was in t-ball, his girlfriends at school, how he did karate and he's only 5 years old. I learned our birthdays are 10 days apart and now he officially wants his birthday party to be at Hooters next month. I blew him up a balloon, played tic-tac-toe and everything with him. It was really funny because Sarge told me during my mockshop to sit right next to guys if you read that they're there just to talk to you. I came back to Jessie's table about halfway in and he had scooted over from the very edge to the middle seat and he asked, "Are you gonna sit with us?" I guess he had seen another girl sitting with her tables and was wondering why I wasn't doing the same! It was seriously the cutest thing ever. He colored a picture for me which proudly hangs up in my bedroom and even had the courage to ask if I knew he had a crush on me.

It was seriously the cutest, first experience ever and has officially made me love my job.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Training Day One and Two!

I'm busy...which means I'm lacking on the blogging skills. I go to school 3-4 days a week which is 30 minutes in the other direction of the 30 minutes it takes to get to Hoots from my house. I also have a full time boyfriend and I've practically ruined our relationship and it's just not going away....I'm listening to Haunted by Taylor Swift on repeat...acoustic version if that gives you an idea.

But anyways,
back to being a Hooters Girl and that means HAPPY and girls in small clothes!

Speaking of small clothes..... I'm a XXS, I almost had XXXS shorts but the irriversable muffin top was just too much. The clothes are tight, just like everyone says. I actually put the uniform on first before I touch my make up than put a robe on so nothing will get on it lol. I hate the nylons though! I like how they cover me up but they are so hot, especially running around. There was only one pair of socks and HJS told me that we were going to get in a new shipment so I wore them for the picture first than I have them to the other new girl HB and I just let her keep them. Big mistake!

So my first training day was three days later on Monday, I wasn't expected to know anything besides learn the seating arrangement and some basic hospitality rules. But I was studying my ass off on the alcohol quiz. I made flashcards and I made study quizzes....this was important, I hadn't done that shit on my own since like middle school. I came into the store in sweatpants and a jacket, its getting cold quick, even in Florida! I didn't have my shoes on though and I quickly saw HJS so I decided to ask her if they got the shipment in....her face was priceless and allowed me to assume, there were no socks. I was right. I was told to go to Walmart and find the biggest mens sock I could find. I spent five minutes scouring the sock selection until I found some white big and tall crew socks. $5.50...I would also like to mention, right now I am broke.... BROKE. 50 cents in my checking account, zero cash... no coins saved up. I'm starving and my only source of food at school is granola bars. I was told I would be reimbursed but I haven't asked for the money, I just keep forgetting. Anywho, I finally returned, only about 10 minutes late and my trainer HE was waiting by the door and introduced herself. I changed as quick as I could than brought my stuff to the back than we started training. 

It was day one so all I had to do was follow her. It was a Monday afternoon shift and it was extremely slow but we had a lot of time to talk and for her to quiz me on the liquors. She said she was impressed that I knew as much as I did. I met a couple of the girls too, I don't think I'll mention any of  them because I'm not sure how much I'll work with them. Over 30 girls work at my store, I went from a 12 girl staff to this. Ruh roh. But I met a lot of regulars and they all seemed to be comfortable, a little out there but no too weird. Believe me, it's the town we're in lol. Some of the girls do not wear their shorts in Hooters fashion but more of Winghouse with a little more. On my second day of training, my trainer even called them out to me about it but more on her later. I learned that James, Mike, and Eli have their own table and Sam tips a lot. I also learned that the veteran girls don't do shit for anyone else. I don't mind this strategy, as long as they do all their own shit. I was getting the hang of where everything is and how to clean and where and what to put in the kitchen and honestly, the girls weren't that bad. They asked me questions about myself and talked about their lives and I felt really comfortable. I got my free food (: onion tanglers that my boyfriend devoured when I brought home and boneless wings, half cajun, half three mile (:

My second day of training, I arrived looking somewhat the same as yesterday. Straight hair and eyeliner done, a lot of the girls have fake eyelashes...I want some! I got socks though in the middle of my shift yesterday so I came fully dressed. I felt reallly comfortable, I was with the same manager both days HR and my second trainer was nice. She's from another store in another state and she came down with her best friend. They were definitely more catty than the other girl, and my trainer was giving me more of their opinions and stories about their old store than HE definitely did but we'll see if I ever work with them. I did more work this time, entering all of the information on the POS by myself and I even took most of the order eventually. I have a hard time just randomly talking to people though, I was so awkward at this table of a 40 year old woman and a 30 year old man. But I know it'll get better, especially when no one is watching me. Nothing horrible happened, the one thing I did that I won't forget is I took someone's beer before they were finished. She said it was okay, but I wasn't sure if she meant it. A part of Hooters to is to make sure everything is better than okay.

I train again tomorrow and I'm excited to finally be able to do everything myself! I wonder who will train me though...I hope its this one girl, she has similar hobbies as I do (; oh yeah, and I'm studying my ass off on the menu

Friday, November 2, 2012

Classroom Time!

Yesterday, I did Classroom at in work. It's basically where a trainer talks about everything in the manual, shows you around the restaurant, and gets you your uniform & takes your picture. My trainer was so pretty, I'm practically in awe of her. She's a Hooters veteran and has been working there since she was 18 and she is now 26. We'll call her HJS. She's traveled a lot and done tons of work for Hooters. I also forgot to mention that a girl who works in my store has been in the Calendar! Actually two have and I think the same two have been in the swimsuit competition. I wish I had big boobs :(

I figure while I say that I should mention my appearance. I would put a picture up but I prefer to stay anonymous. I'm a little over 5'7", my hair has gotten suprisingly long and has returned to its natural color of light brown, I have green eyes which I favor. My body is athletic but slender however I do not have any huge ASSets. Both are on the smaller end, my butt being larger than my top but nothing outrageous by any means. I'm a Hooters girl because of my face rather than my tits

So from my Classroom, I'm an XXS in my shorts and my top. I received one pair of shorts and a shirt. My shoes were $38 from the store. I didn't get any socks :( I'll get those on Monday. The panty hose weren't as tight or uncomfortable as I thought they would be and I've put them on twice without ripping them! Go me! My pantyhose are $4 if we rip them before or after a shift, they'll be replaced with a cheaper kind for free if I rip them on my shift. I also have now tried every wing sauce at Hooters. My personal favorite is Cajun, Daytona Beach (it's cause I'm a Floridian), and 3 Mile. 

My first training shift is on Monday, I'll just be job shadowing. However, I have my liquor test on Tuesday, I'm SO nervous, there are more than 70 different kinds of alcohol. Then on Friday, I have my menu test and my trainer will follow me around. I'm shitting myself over the menu test. I just really hope my manager, HD, will not be there because he quizzes the most! I really hope HJS is my trainer for most of the days, I'm literally striving to be her.

I guess that's it! Have a good weekend,
xoxo Hooters Babe